Finally! A pet hair remover that isn’t completely useless

Finally! A pet hair remover that isn’t completely useless

Some of you may know that in September 2017 I got my cat Moses officially “imported” from Canada to join me in Japan. The paperwork was a complete bitch and the whole process was a nightmare, including the costs… but totally worth it. He really is my best mate.

But one thing I really do not miss was his malted hair. It. Gets. Everywhere…

I’ve tried all sorts of “hacks” to remove it but it just becomes too much, in such a small apartment the build up of hair happens very quickly and due to Moses have such fine hair it really matts up with the carpet and is super hard to remove.

I’ve been searching for a solution, and I think I found it. I present the bissell pet hair eraser review, the greatest thing I have bought in the last 12 months.

A super powerful pet vacuum that just rips up hair. It’s cordless, hygenic, easy to clean and unclog. It is everything you want in such a device and I feel fucking stupid for not getting one sooner.

So for pet owners out there, do not despair. Grab yourself a pet vacuum. They kick ass.

Who can you turn to for a guarantor loan?

Who can you turn to for a guarantor loan?

In this day and age, it’s getting harder and harder to get by, never mind save for the likes of a house deposit. If you combine this with rising house prices then it’s almost impossible to climb the property ladder. So we are going to be talking about a possible solution to this issue, loans with a guarantor.

However, there is a way to tackle this problem, one such solution includes asking your parents, a friend or a close relative to act as guarantor.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who is happy to take over your debt if you suddenly become unable to pay it. Such an individual can be used to apply for guarantor loans, credit cards, leases, insurance and various other loan-related products.

Who can act as my guarantor?

Most individuals will ask their parents to act as a guarantor, however, a guarantor is generally an adult who owns their own property. Such an individual must also have a good credit history.

What to do prior to enquiring about a guarantor

There are a number of factors to consider prior to asking a guarantor to help you with a loan. Such factors include printing out copies of your recent financial statements, your credit reports and making a list of all the people you know that may be able to help you out and could act as a prospective guarantor. Once you have this in place, only then should you begin to arrange meetings with the individuals involved.

The benefits

By getting your parents to act as guarantor, you won’t have to pay a deposit at all. Instead, the equity on their property is used as security against your loan. Another advantage to this solution is the fact that you may also save on mortgage insurance expenses.

The risks involved

When considering this type of loan, it’s important to become aware of the risks involved, as if you’re unable to pay up, your parents will be left to front the bill. This could even mean them losing their property.

Building up equity of your own

Once you build up equity of your own, you can then remove the guarantor. However, until then, the risks remain.

GTA5, The Worlds Most Expensive Game

GTA5, The Worlds Most Expensive Game

Released in 2013, Rockstars GTA V is proud to have the title of “worlds most expensive to develop game” and when you go into specifics, it’s not surprising.

This AAA blockbuster has taken the world by storm and now, even 5 years after release is still being played by millions of users. Thanks to the power of the internet new renditions and missions such as heists and online play have given the title many fresh leases of life where other games in the past would have fallen short of this hurdle.

The detail of the world is also incredible, spanning over 5 times the size of the map of Red Dead Redemption you are immersed into some of the most well thought out and brilliant scenery ever to grace consoles and PCs alike.

The game is played from either a third-person or first-person perspective and its world is navigated on foot or by vehicle. Players control the three lead protagonists throughout single-player and switch between them both during and outside missions. The story is centred on the heist sequences, and many missions involve shooting and driving gameplay. A “wanted” system governs the aggression of law enforcement response to players who commit crimes. Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer mode, lets up to 30 players explore the open world and engage in cooperative or competitive game matches.

Development began soon after Grand Theft Auto IV’s release and was shared between many of Rockstar’s studios worldwide. The development team drew influence from many of their previous projects such as Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, and designed the game around three lead protagonists to innovate on the core structure of its predecessors. Much of the development work constituted the open world’s creation, and several team members conducted field research around California to capture footage for the design team. The game’s soundtrack features an original score composed by a team of producers who collaborated over several years.

Kratom and Pain Relief

Kratom and Pain Relief

Kratom is a natural vicodin, and therefore kratom being a painkiller is true without the side effects of opiates.

The plant itself belongs to an evergreen tree in Southern Asia and comes in a range of strains such as:

  • Green Malay
  • White Borneo
  • Bali Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Maeng Da

Different strains have different purposes, some give you euphoria, some are used as an anti-depressant. But today we will be looking at Kratoms ability to cure pain.

More info on the best kratom for pain

My story

Due to side effects from a mediation I took when I was a child I developed arthritis at an early age. I was rushed to hospital when I was 14 after my right knee swelled up like a balloon over a 4 hour period. I had a very aggressive form of arthritis that came on quickly, but luckily also died off quickly. Anyway, that was some time ago and now I have arthritis in my knees, wrists and ankles. When the pain is bad I receive very effective relief from a small dose of kratom powder. I try not to use more than a couple of grams of regular kratom powder for arthritis as and when I need it.

After more extensive research into kratom as a natural pain reliever, I was astounded by what I found. I had a lengthy conversation with a lady from Canada who suffered from menstrual pain, consisting of bad back, craps and even mood swings. She discovered kratom almost a year ago and now she recommends it to all her friends. “Its amazing, I take a little in the morning and feel great all day. It helps relax me, and does a great job of relieving my pain. Kratom also helps me with my mood swings”.

I recommend people to try kratom for head aches / migraine relief, back pain, stress relief, restless leg syndrome, and its great for overcoming the symptoms of the common cold. The list is extensive. Please, if you have used kratom for pain relief, please email the host of this site.

How much are electricians paid, 2018

How much are electricians paid, 2018

Since arriving in Japan, I’ve been a bit bored. As followers of my blog know I have been working in schools since I arrived teaching English but for those that do not know, I actually used to be an electrician.

A friend who is still in the USA asked me recently how much I used to get paid, I’ve been here since 2012 and felt that after 5 years the job market could have changed so I reached out to a friend of mine from Electrics by Sullivan who could help me write an article for anyone out there looking to be an electrician in 2018.

Being an Electrician is great, like all trades you’re always going to find work. There is almost no shortage of jobs between residential work (in peoples homes) and commercial work (fitting out shops and business maintenance).

Out of all the trades, it’s also one of the best paid. Because you have to have lots of accreditations and insurances the barrier of entry compared to something like being a dry waller is much higher, meaning less people are bidding on jobs and you have more of a chance.

Snapchat, what exactly is the big deal?

Snapchat, what exactly is the big deal?

If you think Snapchat is just another messaging app teenagers use to send each other silly videos, think again. Snapchat is quickly evolving into a valuable social media marketing tool with a reach that benefits small businesses as well as international corporations. Integrating it into your business social media strategy can give you a spontaneous, creative new outlet that has a sense of urgency — the content lasts only 10 seconds. Its user base is on the rise, there are no requirements for advertising and new features constantly are added to make it more interactive.

How do I find usernames?

For those of you who are already convinced and want to jump into the world of snapchat, read on.

To get the most from any messaging app you need people to talk to, so where do you find people? Your friends may preffer using apps such as whatsapp, skype, kik or telegram… But there is a huge and welcoming snapchat community you can join.

My personal favourite way to find people is using this website:
snapchat friends and usernames

Search Engines Are Important!

Search Engines Are Important!

Since its founding, Google has been testing and tweaking its search algorithm to make it much more user friendly for its users. Google wants its users to find the best content that is available on a topic on its first page search. This forces content marketers and webmasters to produce quality content and offer an excellent user experience, in exchange Google will rank their content higher in the search engine and send loads of free traffic to it. This is also why SEO is highly important when creating a new site. If you are looking for a great Search Engine Ranking Service I would check out my friend, Greg Wilson from!

Why You Should Use SEO in Your Business

So why should you even use SEO? If you’re not using SEO for your business yet, you should think again. Here are four main reasons:

1.Cost Effective

Unlike other forms of advertising such as pay per click (PPC), social media marketing and others, SEO allows webmasters to get a decent return on investment. Although social media is important for your brand, your organic presence online is just as important – if not more – as it makes you look like an authority if you rank highly for a competitive keyword in your niche.

2.Search Engines Dominate Market Share

Many consumers are looking towards search engines to provide them with search results that contain reviews on products before they make a purchase. This will only increase and it won’t be long before everyone is doing it. If your business has good reviews on Google, it will likely lead to converting visitors into customers, thereby increasing your revenue. Without this free traffic, your competitors will take a majority of your visitors and turn them into their customers instead.

3.Your Competitors are doing SEO, so should you!

As discussed above, your competitors are doing SEO, so why shouldn’t you? SEO continually changes (as we will discuss below), but if you are not keeping up to date with it, your competitors are and therefore are probably converting visitors to customers on a much larger scale than you. This is a simple fact. Don’t let your business lose customers to your competitors.

4.Rise of Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic has become increasingly important in the last few years as the internet on mobile phones has become commonplace. This opens a whole new avenue for business owners – particularly those who have a location based business (for example, a coffee shop) –  as they can utilize techniques to optimize their content for local searches.

Now that you know why you should use SEO in your business, we will now look at what the future holds in store for SEO. It is important to keep up to date on changes in SEO, and that is what we are going to talk about in the next section.

Future of SEO

So what is the future trend of SEO? Of course no one can say for certain, but by observing trends that have occurred in the past, experts are able to determine what Google intends to do, which gives webmasters the advantage of foresight when they’re SEO optimizing their blog posts. All webmasters who care about getting free traffic from Google, should stay up-to-date with the changes that go on in the industry. This will give them an edge over the competition.

With that said, here’s a list of some of expected changes to SEO that has a high chance of occurring during 2017 and how you can take advantage of each change:

1.Digital voice assistants

Digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google are becoming more and more advanced because users are increasingly using their voice to conduct a search. The reason why many people use voice search is because it is much easier, especially when you’re on the move. So what does this mean for you? It means that you should look at optimizing your keywords so that voice search is able to display your blog on the first page. For example, a user that is looking for a McDonalds in New York would type in “McDonalds in New York” where as a user conducting a voice search may phrase their search as a question like “Where is the nearest McDonalds in New York?”. You therefore have to modify your headings accordingly.

2.Direct Answers

Google is now providing direct answers to questions, for example when you type in “what is a bath?”, the first result shows the definition of a bath. Before it used to show results relating to your search, but now Google is clever enough to distinguish what is and what isn’t a question. Another example is when you type into Google how to cook a certain dish. Instead of giving you search results, it again recognizes you typed in a question and gives a direct answer. In this case it would be a recipe. So how can you turn this into an advantage for yourself? You will have to publish high quality content that answers common questions that people are google for in your niche.

3.Optimize For Mobile

As stated before, more and more search engine users are conducting a search using a mobile device. So in 2015, Google changed their algorithm once again. It was called “mobilegedon”. As the name suggests, they penalized sites that were not mobile friendly. As more users are connected to the internet via mobile devices, it has become more important for webmasters to make sure their site is responsive in 2017. Searches from mobile may even overtake searches conducted on traditional desktop laptops and PCs. For businesses, having a website that is mobile friendly is extremely important if they want to stay relevant in 2017 and beyond, as traffic from mobile devices is not slowing down any time soon. In other words, mobile matters!

Now that you know the importance of SEO and where it is heading, don’t let your site be penalized by Google. It is time to take action and implement SEO tactics so that you are one step ahead of the competition and your business stays relevant in the long term.


Hey, I’m back!

Hey, I’m back!

Changed the template and changed the publishing tool. Not sure if I will be posting a lot, but I was fed up with having an old site that was not updated anymore, with an old system and template I didn’t want to work on, and meanwhile I realised after working on 3Yen and making things like bo-ko on the side, that there were some posts that didn’t belong in either and were personal enough to find their place on my own personal blog. Tokyo-genki might become a blog not so related to Tokyo, since there is 3Yen now, and it won’t be full of links/bookmarks either, since it is what I use bo-ko for. Don’t get me wrong, 3Yen and bo-ko are here to stay, but there are all those insignificant things that *this* blog should be for. Perhaps. Well, we’ll see how it goes…

(If you read this post, please add a comment below with your name or something, just so I know if it is even worth it…)

Why I love Toyko

Why I love Toyko

Everytime I meet someone, in Japan or anywhere, they always ask me the same question: “Why do you live in Tokyo?”, and everytime I answer “Because I love it”. Usually, what should be the perfect answer because you can’t argue with personal feelings actually triggers another more specific question which I am supposed to answer too. So I create a custom made answer, based on who asked me and how much time I want to spend with this person. The simple answer talks about food, beautiful girls in skirt, tech/geek stuff, beautiful girls in boots, convenience and safety, beautiful girls everywhere… The more elaborate answer is usually more difficult and involves the good and bad of the wa, and the fact that life is difficult here but paradoxically easier too. And sometimes I have a little story to tell. Today, I have a new story:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Starbucks and bought two very nice Pavina Double Wall Bodum glasses as a birthday present for my friend Nagao. When I opened the box the next day, I discovered it only had one glass in it. Even though I had the receipt and the staff would recognize me, there was no possible way to prove that I didn’t go home, removed one glass from the box, and came back to the shop to have a third one for free. I felt a bit silly that I didn’t check the glasses before I left (at least to make sure that they were not broken). And the perfect impossibility of getting the second glass just puzzled my mind a second, before I gave up and decided to go and buy one more anyway.

Today, I go to buy the second glass, and I think “this is Japan, I might as well try and see”. What do I risk? I didn’t expect anything, and I really didn’t hope I would get a free glass just because I tell them I am a nice guy. But I took the box and the receipt with me anyway. I show it to the staff guy and explain the situation. He goes to explain it to some manager of his, and the manager asks me to wait a minute. I get a free blend of the day while I wait, and eventually the manager comes and gives me a free glass.

The paranoid gaijin explanation goes along the lines of Japanese being so xenophobic and racist that they would prefer to give me a free glass and get rid of me rather than having a screaming white guy break everything in the shop and throw chairs and Christmas mugs at customers.

My view is simpler and more straight forward: service is important in Japan, and who would go on a scam just for getting one free glass once? Anywhere else in the world, I could have cried and/or shouted, the laws of mathematics would have applied and the burden of the proof would have been my responsibility. Not in Japan.

That, and the beautiful girls everywhere.

Can the Elderly Benefit from Facebook and Twitter?

Can the Elderly Benefit from Facebook and Twitter?

My first social networking site was Yuwie. I liked the idea of getting paid to talk to friends until my computer kept getting so many viruses from the site. The few pennies I earned each month didn’t seem worth the hassle. I then joined Facebook and have been enjoying my time social networking there.

My mom is 69 years old and I keep telling her, she should join a social net working site. She used to be into side ban, ham, and c.b. radio back in the 70’s. That was that era’s kind of social networking. My mom says the net is too “intrusive” and she will never be on it. ” It isn’t elder-friendly”. ” Older people can’t understand it.”

I was up to this challenge. I did some research and found out that in 2010, the world’s oldest Facebook and Twitter user, Ivy bean died. She was a mere 104. At the time of her death, Ivy had 56,000 followers on Twitter and had reached her maximum friend limit on Facebook. As a result of this social networking, Ivy ended up meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown and had an on-going friendship with singer, Peter Andre. Ms. Bean lived in England, in a nursing home, and talked about her life there. She was a star in the social net working scene.

The health benefits of social networking to the elderly are important. Social networking keeps the brain active which is said to slow down the progression of dementia. The friendships made help alleviate boredom and isolation which decreases the chances of depression. People who have depression get sick easier.

Armed with these two pieces of information, I approach the elder, Mrs. Laurain and show her what I found. I tell her I can set the accounts up for her, help her learn how to sign in, etc., whatever she needs; I can walk her through the process. At first she gets this frown on her face which quickly turns into a smile, “Do you think I can meet Bono?”