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Can the Elderly Benefit from Facebook and Twitter?

Can the Elderly Benefit from Facebook and Twitter?

My first social networking site was Yuwie. I liked the idea of getting paid to talk to friends until my computer kept getting so many viruses from the site. The few pennies I earned each month didn’t seem worth the hassle. I then joined Facebook and have been enjoying my time social networking there.

My mom is 69 years old and I keep telling her, she should join a social net working site. She used to be into side ban, ham, and c.b. radio back in the 70’s. That was that era’s kind of social networking. My mom says the net is too “intrusive” and she will never be on it. ” It isn’t elder-friendly”. ” Older people can’t understand it.”

I was up to this challenge. I did some research and found out that in 2010, the world’s oldest Facebook and Twitter user, Ivy bean died. She was a mere 104. At the time of her death, Ivy had 56,000 followers on Twitter and had reached her maximum friend limit on Facebook. As a result of this social networking, Ivy ended up meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown and had an on-going friendship with singer, Peter Andre. Ms. Bean lived in England, in a nursing home, and talked about her life there. She was a star in the social net working scene.

The health benefits of social networking to the elderly are important. Social networking keeps the brain active which is said to slow down the progression of dementia. The friendships made help alleviate boredom and isolation which decreases the chances of depression. People who have depression get sick easier.

Armed with these two pieces of information, I approach the elder, Mrs. Laurain and show her what I found. I tell her I can set the accounts up for her, help her learn how to sign in, etc., whatever she needs; I can walk her through the process. At first she gets this frown on her face which quickly turns into a smile, “Do you think I can meet Bono?”