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How much are electricians paid, 2018

How much are electricians paid, 2018

Since arriving in Japan, I’ve been a bit bored. As followers of my blog know I have been working in schools since I arrived teaching English but for those that do not know, I actually used to be an electrician.

A friend who is still in the USA asked me recently how much I used to get paid, I’ve been here since 2012 and felt that after 5 years the job market could have changed so I reached out to a friend of mine from Electrics by Sullivan who could help me write an article for anyone out there looking to be an electrician in 2018.

Being an Electrician is great, like all trades you’re always going to find work. There is almost no shortage of jobs between residential work (in peoples homes) and commercial work (fitting out shops and business maintenance).

Out of all the trades, it’s also one of the best paid. Because you have to have lots of accreditations and insurances the barrier of entry compared to something like being a dry waller is much higher, meaning less people are bidding on jobs and you have more of a chance.