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3 Essentials to Internet Marketing Program Analysis

3 Essentials to Internet Marketing Program Analysis

When checking out an Internet Marketing program analysis there are 3 key elements a program should contain before you consider joining. You need an internet marketing program that provides tools, guidance, expert advice and on-going support.

1. Training

Does the program offer training? If not don’t even consider it, when conducting Internet Marketing program analysis. There are so many concepts and nuances to Internet Marketing that training is critical. You need a program that provides current training material. This industry changes all the time and it is important to be knowledgeable about the latest concepts and techniques.

The training materials should also be valuable, they should be pertinent to content and concepts that will make you successful. What different mediums is the training offered in, is it not just offered in document form, are there webinars and recorded sessions as well. The more variety here will indicate how much effort the program puts into it’s training program. And last but not least are the training materials easily accessible and available.

2. User Forums

Another valuable feature you should be looking for when performing internet marketing program analysis is user forums. User forums are a great barometer for how successful an internet marketing program really is. This is actual discourse with users of the program, their actual experiences, concerns and questions.

You want a program that has an active forum, with a good deal of participation and contributions. It is very beneficial for program newbies and more experienced marketers to share their insights and help each other resolve questions or queries they might have. You also want to make sure the forum is a searchable database, there will be lots of valuable information on all areas of internet marketing which you can leverage to help ensure your success.

3. Access to Program Founders/Experts

When doing Internet Marketing program analysis, one key element with a legitimate successful internet marketing program is if the founders of that program are truly experts in their field and are committed to ensuring your success. Typically this will translate into their active involvement in the program. The founders will be providing constant updates and support, usually via email.

They will also make themselves available for personal coaching. Where they will be active in the user forums and will also allow direct communication with them, again usually via email or some personal messaging medium. This is a very valuable support structure essential to your success. This not only indicates that you were not sold a bill of goods but that the founders are in this for the long term and truly want to see you succeed.

My home page will provide you with a great recommendation for one program to use as your baseline for Internet Marketing program analysis.

Reverse Spam?

Reverse Spam?

very few days, I receive an email asking me to “exchange links” with another website. Usually, they are emailing me out of nowhere and asking me to put a link from one of my sites to theirs. When I look at their sites, all they have is advertisement (usually Google AdSense), sometimes a little bit of fake content (but not often), and a few pages of links back to the people who link to them.

Google frowns upon this kind of websites, and they usually end up not getting any PageRank at all in the end. PageRank is the measure of how good your website is, based on who links it, and it is the basis of the Google algorithm. In short, the more incoming links you get, the better your site is supposed to be.

Now, I don’t want to spam people, but I would love to have more traffic going to my domain names registration service It is a very advanced service, with all the options the geeks need and a very powerful administration panel to control your domains. Meanwhile, it is very simple to use even for people who are not experts in web stuff and just want a domain name for their blog or their small business. It is backed up by, one of the largest and most trustworthy registrars in the world, yet the prices are much much lower than at eNom. Actually, prices are similar to And all you need in included in the price of the domain, including email and email redirections (if you want to use Gmail for example).

So, my idea is that instead of spamming people who don’t know me and ask them to put a link on their website, I will ask visitors of this site. That means *you*. It is not about Google, but about real people who refer real people. If you have a blog, or a homepage, or an email signature, or a Flickr account, or anything where you can link from, and you want to help me spread the word about Z-Names, you just have to put the line of HTML below and let people know. What is in it for you? Not much, but you will make the people who buy a domain name at Z-Names thanks to you happy. And all it takes is a link from your website.

Here is the link to insert:

<a href="">Cheap domain names</a>

If you add the link to your blog, please let me know in the comment, and make sure to post the link of your page too.

Thank you.

(N.B.: I am pretty sure there won’t be any comment EVER to this post, but if I don’t ask, I will never know…) :)

Google Apps Gmail + Google Toolbar

Google Apps Gmail + Google Toolbar

I have been using Gmail for years, straight from when it started, and I was redirecting my domains names to my main Gmail account. Then a few days ago, I decided to make the switch and start using Google Apps so that I would have all the services attached to my own domain. But the the default Gmail button on the Google toolbar for Firefox always go to rather than my domain. Also, it opens to http:// rather than https://.

So finally I found online how to fix this:

Open the Options of the (latest version of the) Google Toolbar, go to buttons, select the Gmail button, click edit, then click the “use the advanced editor” link. It opens a page with the code associated with this button and you can change all the “” into “”, save and close. This also changes which mail archive it will search into when you look for an email directly from the toolbar.

I didn’t find how to make my own domain open a blank email message when I click a “mailto:” link on a website yet. So far, it is always trying to open Gmail for my main Google account. If anyone knows how to fix this, please comment below. Thanks.