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When I first saw The Larry Sanders Show, I didn’t find it funny. I just saw an episode here and there and I couldn’t realise the very clever humor inside that extremely original sitcom. How blind I was! Of course, now that everyone and their grandmother have ditched the canned laughters and are using single camera mockumentary style, The Larry Sanders show seems a little bit more “normal”. But still, there is genius in this show that made it age much much better than most other 1990’s shows. You could put it on TV now, and fans of Seinfeld, Arrested Development (should have been an HBO show, dammit!), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Office for example would just love it! And it’s actually surprising that out of its 6 seasons, they only released the first one on DVD. I guess whoever has the rights just want people to download the episodes from peer-to-peer networks…?

Yet again, another HBO show that I love.

Apple’s New Product: The IPhone

Apple’s New Product: The IPhone

What do you get when you combine a cell phone, an iPod video, a palm pilot, and a computer? Apple’s new product, the iPhone.
Instead of starting with a cell phone and adding from there, Apple started with an iPod video and worked from there.

The iPhone is about the size of an iPod video and has a touch screen like that of a Palm-Pilot. The touchscreen is 3.5 inches. It also has a lock like the iPods do to keep you from accidentally activating something that you don’t want to activate-like calling someone.

Just like the iPods, the iPhone is used with iTunes.

You can use the iPhone to listen to music or audio books and watch movies, TV shows, or music videos. A cool new feature on the iPhone is that you can flip through album covers, pictures, and movie covers just like you would if you were flipping through the music selection of a juke box. The touchscreen allows you to do this with a flick of a finger.

The touchscreen is also very useful for calling people. You can just touch a name or a number that is stored in your contacts, favorites or call log. Or you can dial just like on a regular cell phone by bringing up a keypad.

When you have your iPhone hooked up to your computer, it will add addresses and contacts that are stored in your computer to your iPhone. This is done the same way as adding pictures, movies, music, TV shows, etc. to your iPod.

The iPhone has a cool ability which has only been played with in cell phones before this: Internet capability. Previous Internet capability on cell phones was limited to checking your email, ring tone downloads, and cell phone versions of web pages-which are usually limited to text.

The iPhone’s capability is comparative to a laptop computer, it’s just got a smaller memory. It also has full HTML capacity.

You can check your email, search the Internet for any web page that you want to see,type reply to your email,etc. You can see the whole web page or zoom in a particular area to make the letters and pictures actually big enough to see and read!

The iPhone has a full QWERTY keyboard(like the one on most computers) which fixes mistakes when you are typing. The keyboard is brought up on the touchscreen and is easier to use than keyboards on a regular smart phone like the Blackberry.

You can hook up to the Internet with any WiFi connection.

I would get one of these if I didn’t already have a cell phone that I was happy with and an iPod. But as soon as the cell breaks, I’m getting an iPhone.

Thanks to the Apple website for technical details.