About Me

About Me

This is me.

I’m in my late twenties, I’m an average American guy who decided to throw down and move across the world. This blog is the story of my life, struggles and experience in moving to one of the worlds greatest countries… Japan!

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. I had a normal upbringing, my father was a sound engineer and my mother worked loads of jobs. They did a great job, I love them dearly.

In 2008 I moved to Toyko, but since then I’ve lived in Hong Kong also. I work as an English Teacher at an American School in the city so it’s nice to hear other people from my country, it probably helps… but I am embracing it all, the life, culture, food.

I’m living in an apartment with 3 other people, all of which are Japanese. They are great room mates, they are buddies.

I go home every Christmas, and I’ve been lucky enough to host some of my friends who come out here to visit.

This blog serves as a way to keep track of how I am doing, how far I have come and it will be something to look back on. I also use it for random rants, general topics and other things from time to time…

Japan, I love you.