Finally! A pet hair remover that isn’t completely useless

Finally! A pet hair remover that isn’t completely useless

Some of you may know that in September 2017 I got my cat Moses officially “imported” from Canada to join me in Japan. The paperwork was a complete bitch and the whole process was a nightmare, including the costs… but totally worth it. He really is my best mate.

But one thing I really do not miss was his malted hair. It. Gets. Everywhere…

I’ve tried all sorts of “hacks” to remove it but it just becomes too much, in such a small apartment the build up of hair happens very quickly and due to Moses have such fine hair it really matts up with the carpet and is super hard to remove.

I’ve been searching for a solution, and I think I found it. I present theĀ bissell pet hair eraser review, the greatest thing I have bought in the last 12 months.

A super powerful pet vacuum that just rips up hair. It’s cordless, hygenic, easy to clean and unclog. It is everything you want in such a device and I feel fucking stupid for not getting one sooner.

So for pet owners out there, do not despair. Grab yourself a pet vacuum. They kick ass.

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