Snapchat, what exactly is the big deal?

Snapchat, what exactly is the big deal?

If you think Snapchat is just another messaging app teenagers use to send each other silly videos, think again. Snapchat is quickly evolving into a valuable social media marketing tool with a reach that benefits small businesses as well as international corporations. Integrating it into your business social media strategy can give you a spontaneous, creative new outlet that has a sense of urgency — the content lasts only 10 seconds. Its user base is on the rise, there are no requirements for advertising and new features constantly are added to make it more interactive.

How do I find usernames?

For those of you who are already convinced and want to jump into the world of snapchat, read on.

To get the most from any messaging app you need people to talk to, so where do you find people? Your friends may preffer using apps such as whatsapp, skype, kik or telegram… But there is a huge and welcoming snapchat community you can join.

My personal favourite way to find people is using this website:
snapchat friends and usernames

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