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I have been using Gmail for years, straight from when it started, and I was redirecting my domains names to my main Gmail account. Then a few days ago, I decided to make the switch and start using Google Apps so that I would have all the services attached to my own domain. But the the default Gmail button on the Google toolbar for Firefox always go to rather than my domain. Also, it opens to http:// rather than https://.

So finally I found online how to fix this:

Open the Options of the (latest version of the) Google Toolbar, go to buttons, select the Gmail button, click edit, then click the “use the advanced editor” link. It opens a page with the code associated with this button and you can change all the “” into “”, save and close. This also changes which mail archive it will search into when you look for an email directly from the toolbar.

I didn’t find how to make my own domain open a blank email message when I click a “mailto:” link on a website yet. So far, it is always trying to open Gmail for my main Google account. If anyone knows how to fix this, please comment below. Thanks.

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  1.   Andrew wrote:

    I’m considering making the same move, and was wondering how you found the migration. Were you able to switch your existing Gmail into your Google Apps email, and likewise for Gcal?


  2.   m3rc wrote:

  3.   Brian wrote:

    Your post was one that helped me on the right track, and I recalled you would like to know how to get mailto links handled by your Google Apps as well, so I wrote a complete step by step guide on my page:

    Feel free to copy the guide here, since my webhost aren’t always the fastest :)

  4.   Daniel Noll wrote:

    Perfect, thanks. Turns out that I Googled the title of your post. Exactly what I was looking for.

  5.   Alejandro Cuervo wrote:

    This doesnot seem to work with FF toolbar ver 5
    There is no “advanced editor” option

  6.   Stefano Savanelli wrote:

    The solutions is in
    Simply use the link: Install Gmail Apps Button

  7.   Rai wrote:

    I could not find the Advanced edit option for the Gmail button, they have for the desktop button though. Any help will be appreciated.

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