World of Warcraft Coke commercial

World of Warcraft Coke commercial

If you like World of Warcraft and cute asian girls, and cheesy commercials, you will love this World of Warcraft Coke commercial from China.

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World of Warcraft recently launched with amazing fanfare and success in China. Partnering with Blizzard to usher in this blockbuster launch was iCoke, Coca-Cola’s name-brand presence in China. In the weeks leading up to and after the launch, iCoke led the way in promoting World of Warcraft, celebrating the game in real-life replicas of Stormwind Castle and Thunder Bluff, creating a joint World of Warcraft and Coca-Cola televised commercial featuring Chinese pop sensation SHE, and unveiling an iCoke-branded World of Warcraft site. The site is in Chinese, but even if you can’t read it, it’s well worth checking out.

Comments (114) left to “World of Warcraft Coke commercial”

  1.   J.R. "Bob" Dobbs wrote:

    I just wonder if the coke in that chest was an epic drop, and more importantly, was it bind on pickup?

  2.   ChaseFV wrote:

    I hate WoW it is gay coke is gay i will never drink cocke again. blizzard are evil and i hate them for being gays.

  3.   Rage wrote:

    Shut up Chase.

  4.   Vaerin wrote:


  5.   Trigun wrote:

    You suck “cunt”…Asians are hot, coke is good, but wow is pretty bad…:)

  6.   sickandtwisted wrote:

    hey its some good ol’ fp’ers

  7.   blaat wrote:

    toet spek hoi blaat

  8.   mattman202 wrote:

    :3 that was hawt

  9.   Boxbot219 wrote:

    Chase, explain to me what is “gay” about this. 3 hot female asians is not really my idea of “gay”.

  10.   Fidel wrote:

    People who use gay as an insult use subterfuge to hide the fact that; really they are the gay ones.

  11.   misc wrote:

    your english is horrible! all of you!

  12.   Delandril wrote:

    wow sux i luv eq and cocke even tho they are in bed with wow i still love cocke and drink it every day it is good if you thirsty but i hear it caused cancer so i stop now.

  13.   912tobxoB wrote:

    People who use semicolons for no reason are also gay.

  14.   OcUK wrote:

    OcUK roxors ^^

  15.   jim wrote:


  16.   janedoes wrote:

    this is some funny shit!

  17.   Wyv wrote:

    Quicktime. I hate Quicktime. And I hate people to use Quicktime and I hate Apple to suppose ME to use this piece of crap. Hell, even on my ol mac, I’d avoid it like the plague. QUICKTIME SUCKS.

  18.   o_O wrote:

    i hate this!!, i hate that!!, blizzard is gay!, Quicktime suck!, ¬¬…please…grow up!

  19.   ^-^ wrote:

    anime smiles and ears and anime is gay, all anime is gay and so are animes. i hate anime and the gays who like it, specially the ones who like anime and anime which is gayer than anime.

    i’m not sure whats gayer, anime or anime.

  20.   OCUK :D wrote:

    omg its teh ocuk

  21.   ocukslut wrote:

    OcUK are invading, OH NOES!!!, its all Kasm’s fault

  22.   Mishima-san wrote:

    YOU ALL ARE GAYWADS BECAUSE I FUCKED YOU ALL LAST NIGHT………oh that makes me a gaywad too. nevermind

  23.   blarg wrote:

    Haha, nice trolling!

  24.   Marcooo wrote:

    very funny !!!

  25.   Malaveldt wrote:

    Oh great. Alliance ganks on multiple continents now. 9_9

  26.   Caelyn wrote:

    Damn alliance… For the Horde!
    WoW+Coke=New Alchemy Recipe

  27.   Silverleaf wrote:

    Okies, so yeah… Show of hands! Erm “I”’s

    English is my first language!

    I :-P

    Oh and “THINGS” cannot be gay or hetro.. dumbshits.

  28.   ^-^ wrote:

    leafs are gay

  29.   fucken ninja wrote:

    Chase is tight yo, you’re all t3h g4y, omg, just kiddin’ yo.

    Seriously though, I can’t believe the amount of ‘gay’ comments.

  30.   deth2gays wrote:

    ninjas are so gay with there funny gay eyes, gays suck and you suck.

  31.   BoB wrote:

    I quite liked the commercial, despite my dislike for WoW and Coke. Now if it would’ve been Guildwars and Jolt I probably would’ve had to clean my glasses on account of my eyes orgasming.

  32.   hurlu wrote:

    awesome O.o

  33.   Goblin wrote:

    No hot Orc chicks? DAMMIT.

  34.   pwnt wrote:


  35.   connie chung wrote:

    well the commercial was kind of cool, however the comments that followed had to be the most rediculous thing I’ve ever seen. you guys must post a lot on the wow forums…

  36.   amomynous wrote:

    You’re all gay :p

  37.   MukeChin wrote:

    Not one of you fuckers know shit about S.H.E. Although I often ponder why they are so famous there are much hotter pop stars out there. I love it when fucking white gaywards use the word “Asian Female” like Asians are from another fucking planet, and I’m so glad people who make this commercial doesn’t give a flying fuck what you white gayasses think.

  38.   ahahaha wrote:

    Lmao…first off EQ sucks, not WoW. Second of all, what’s with all you people talking about drinking “cocke” ??? A lot of cocke chuggers out there? This ad makes you never wanna’ suck back on a nice cold cocke again? You’re a buncha’ cocke-hounds is what I say.

  39.   lala wrote:

    coke is capitalist shit, hope the chinese hate it.. taste like sickeningly sweet capitalist pep talk.. wow is ok, but it’s too short.. suxxors bit time to be a lvl 60 priest with full molten core gear..

  40.   Loal wrote:

    Man this would of been better as a pop tart commercial.

  41.   Satan wrote:

    Just to inform you all WoW has 3.5 million users…beating Eq by a hell of think its gay..all i have to say is go slit your throat you fuckin ingrate cocknob

  42.   yourface wrote:

    It’s not cocke it’s coke. And what is this I hear? you like sucking cocke? Ya, I think thats correct. And to set the record striaght, it’s a fucking commercial and who gives a fuck if you like it or not. Go cry to your bitch ass mommies or kill yourselves.

  43.   XxdudemanxX wrote:

    Don’t use “gay” as an insult, don’t use “cock” so much either, if that is the only thing you can talk about, “cocks” and “gay,” you have to be gay.

  44.   HOBO wrote:


  45.   Samster33 wrote:

    The majority of you sound like you are 13 years old. The commercial was well done whether you like the products being advertised or not.

  46.   zephan wrote:

    i think its time to face the facts…you drink cocke

  47.   Thrall wrote:

    omg guys this is about WoW and coke
    so if u hate coke and WoW y r u going on these sights? WoW is awsome but at some times u dont no what to do..but still its good.

  48.   cokemebaby wrote:

    S.H.E are easily the best band. Fark Selina is the hottest chick eva.
    Even though I don’t like WoW, my opinion of the game has improved after watching that mad ass commercial

  49.   OwlBoy wrote:

    thanks for this post! The quality is great!

  50.   What? wrote:

    Just don’t bother encouraging them, it just proves that they’re right, pretty soon, they’ll die of starvation if you ignore them. Besides that, don’t insult yourself by interacting with them, hell, they use “gay” and “cock” as insults, it’s much of an insult to yourself if you respond.

  51.   gaylooord wrote:

    if u have 2 use gay ur gay like liking cock gay so stfu

  52.   mikey wrote:

    Don’t use the word gay you gay homo fag

  53.   ray wrote:

    This is how i feel every time i kill an elite boss!!! 4 the Horde!!!

  54.   tum wrote:

    i pity the orc, bloody gankers i thought blizzard sorted this problem out couple months ago *tear*

  55.   Croakie wrote:

    This has been a purely hilarious forum to read. LOL!!! Zephen… I’m still in fits of laughter! :D

  56.   Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson wrote:

    Came here from Terra Nova… gonna check the ad out! Cheerz!

  57.   fiend wrote:

    I love reading all the white boy commentary. The overuse of ‘cock’, ‘gay’, and ‘fag’ screams to the world “look at me, I’m 13 and I’m from the suburbs, I still live with my parents because I’m not in highschool yet”. Try saying something intellegent when your balls drop, kiddies.


  58.   Zergfest wrote:

    holy god, you guys are lame. I love how ‘Cock’ & ‘Gay’ have become the existentialist end all/be all of argumentative insults. My IQ dropped about 80 points just reading the first couple of comments.

    grow up, kids!

  59.   krasubke wrote:



  60.   Coche Luver wrote:

    HAHAHA, this is the funniest post i’ve ever read, you all a bunch of gay coches!! ROLF

  61.   trike wrote:

    people keep saying cocke…its COKE unless you are all obsessed with cock which seems mostly the case.
    the advert is good, shouldnt matter if it wow or not, u lot just like bitching about shit so shut the hell up and get a grip.

  62.   CockMaster wrote:

    time for some titty fuck!

  63.   WOWsucks wrote:

    wow is a fucking stupid ass game… bunch of fags

  64.   Lamar Cole wrote:

    Love is two people sipping Coca Cola from the same straw on a warm sunny day.

  65.   :p wrote:

    WoW is the Best game ever!!! im at work rite now so havn’t seen the commercial yet but wil wheni go home…

  66.   lol wrote:

    eu comia essas putas chinas gostosas pra caraio =d~~~~

  67.   Yves wrote:

    Short message for the people at if you want to advertise on my website, contact me directly instead of posting “spammy” comments ;)

  68.   John wrote:

    Any stupid would let the cute girls go without any business. :P

  69.   bbin wrote:

    oh man, i totally dream about getting nailed to a wall by a hot chick who knows how to handle a bow.

  70.   alfredop wrote:

    My god really hot asian girls

  71.   WoWSux wrote:

    Played Wow, I now hate WoW, but WOW, I feel like chinese tonight now :D

  72.   Rufus wrote:

    WoW is the crappiest shit ever produced, asian girls are hot, china is lame.

  73.   capn wrote:

    i choke on coke, and i go quicktime pro later.

  74.   rachacha wrote:

    WoW is quite boring after a while. Grind Grind Grind. Then 72 hour ban for swearing. Not like the game is that inocent with its overtones of Beatiality, Necrophilia, Canabalism, Drug use and its own swear language issues. I wish they just made it +R rated and let it be what it should be instead of some. Castrated peice of Anima trash!

  75.   Tim Gant wrote:

    u r all fruitcakes

  76.   Tim wrote:

    I feel defiled by that commercial. Just what in the name of all that is holy possessed them to make that advert. Its shockingly bad.

  77.   WILLHADAIDS wrote:

    I’m almost as gay as everyone who posted below me, and everyone who posted below me. Oh yeah WOW 4 LYFE! LOLZ!!!!!!!1111SHIFTONEBBQ.

  78.   Diamond wrote:

    I like the commercial not because it includes chinese but because it´s nicely done. I like WOW too but the game is hell too addictive. One should watch out or it may end up bad. So please, people, don´t let it control you! Play often, not too much. Keep your family and the real friends, they are much more worth.

  79.   Steven wrote:

    Haha, I’ve never seen a World of warcraft commerical here in the states.
    Funny commerical by the way

  80.   Thrall wrote:

    That’s fine learn 2 play.

  81.   John wrote:

    You guys all rule!! Every last one of you, from the 13 year old homoerotic suburbanites, to the 56 year old smug professor type. Simple plan people, if you like coke, drink it if not, dont. If you like WOW then play if not don’t, it will make my time in que less. Nice Comercial though, inovative at least.

  82.   iHEARTallies wrote:

    This is obviously a hunter item

  83.   Tim wrote:

    omfg! |= 0|27 |`c| |_34\/3 4 /\/\355a&3 4 |_| 4ll. |2o>

  84.   shaolinfenix wrote:

    Damn! Coco you are cute ;)

  85.   blehg wrote:

    wow is the most crappy fricking stupid game in this world, I wish it rots! x.x

  86.   wtfuge wrote:

    i sence a disterbance in the force

  87.   jackjack wrote:

    Excellent !

    Salutations depuis la Suisse

  88.   Teh Magerer wrote:

    First of all QQ to all the noobs on this site, second u r all fags of the highest calibre and u problably can’t play game for shit so why are u commenting on a game advertisement?

  89.   Lawl wrote:

    Good ad. WoW rocks as does Coke.

    Btw your all gay I felt the need to add this in ;).

  90.   Mr. Zby wrote:

    Preuve irréfutable que les anglophones qui peuplent ce forum sont : 1- idiots et illetrés
    2-Crétins et bornés
    3-Totalement juvéniles

    Vive Coke et longue vie a WoW !!! WOOT !!!!

  91.   Cassandralyn wrote:

    The video was cool. World of Warcraft has its flaws, but all together its a pretty cool game. I think you all shouldn’t pass judgement on something you haven’t tried. As for the Coke who cares the commercial is obviously about World of Warcraft. The Coke is mearly the beverage most gamers drink. So ye or ne on the commercial.
    Definetly Ye

    60 Gnome Lock

  92.   Torin wrote:

    Fantastic advert, well put together.
    Only if we could get good adverts in Britain unlike the rubbish we get.

    Well played.

    68 Dwarf Hunter
    Guild Master
    Dragon Slayers Guild

  93.   EvilScooter wrote:

    I prefer the word penis over cock and homo-sexual over gay. But, what I’d really prefer are those chicks over me, under me and beside me…will need one more for the left.

  94.   armanda wrote:

    thats shit!!!!!….:b

  95.   JERK090909 wrote:


  96.   JERK090909 wrote:


  97.   Ere wrote:

    someone should have done research, how come taurens and bloodelves are fighting each other? unless that wasnt a tauren but looked pretty much like one. I do fail to see the commercial link though between wow and coke unless they wanna say when playing and thirsty coke is for you! even then … pepsi is for the allience crowd then?

  98.   Sweeney wrote:

    Thats not evn world of warcraft :S

    i mean FTW

  99.   Cam wrote:

    Chase shut up u retard…
    cokes good
    asians good..
    wow great

  100.   O_O wrote:

    Mr. T’s Night Elf Mohawk was better

  101.   Jenny wrote:

    S.H.E. plays WoW? ~confused~

  102.   sean wrote:

    “ChaseFV wrote:

    I hate WoW it is gay coke is gay i will never drink cocke again. blizzard are evil and i hate them for being gays.”

    so how often do you drink cocke?

  103.   tokyostory wrote:

    WOW is taking over the world! (the real world that is, not the one of warcraft that lives inside your computer.) Perhaps gamers will use Coke to fuel their 24 hour+ playing stints?

  104.   blpgirl wrote:

    love it =D. And coca cola keep doing great commercials once again!

  105.   1 OR 1=1 wrote:

    1 OR 1=1

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  109.   World of Warcraft Tips wrote:

    Brilliant ad i must admit.
    have you also seen the South Park World of warcraft episode?
    check it out here its amusing :)

  110.   Mike wrote:

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  112.   ankara nakliyat wrote:

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  113.   koxp wrote:

    Love is two people sipping Coca Cola from the same straw on a warm sunny day.

  114.   çizgi film wrote:

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